Saturday, January 21, 2006

When the Levy Breaks...

It's blatant. It's selfish & it bears the fruit of high treason, verraad, trahison, Verrat, traição, измена, traición, landsförräderi, etc... it's global wealthbuilding outside of the G8 sphere of civilized growth & protection-- the jaws of The Far East are just outside the door.

Total, complete Global Economic Collapse has been predicted by the likes of Citigroup's senior analysts that this day will come somewhere around the year of 2010. If this event does occur, will The Far East be insulated by unfettered trade within their influence, protected by their own Aircraft Carriers and Navy?

It's official folks... my latest issue of Forbes dated January 30, 2006 has an advertisement seeking investment for this new era of financial power-- it's not a report or an editorial-- it's an advertisement from Australia,

"Does your 10 year strategy for targeting 45% of global GDP include the world's most resilient economy?

The Asia-Pacific region is fast becoming the engine room of world economic growth. In the next ten years, it is forecast that Asia's economies will account for 45 per cent of world GDP (PPP), significantly more than the United States and Europe combined."

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Source: Forbes January 30, 2006 issue,

What can we do to head off this global threat?

The simple answer is INNOVATION-- the ability to LEAPFROG the competition with INNOVATION through the fruits of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL + RESOURCES.

How do we INNOVATE if we are divesting our INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL for greener pastures elsewhere?

Simple answer #2: INVEST, PLANT, NURTURE & GROW, and HARVEST our ASSETS-- refer to US History for Best Practices Guidance.

What should MOVEON.ORG's priority be for the next 4 years?

Final answer: LOBBY the G8 Nations to remove itself from the Whipping Post, ReGroup, & implement INVESTMENT as a GROUP in the COMMONWEALTH of the G8 Nations... and MOVE ON.

Maybe another MoonShot is not so ridiculous after all?... it can do wonders for NATIONAL MORALE.


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